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RT (Russia Today) is a Moscow-based television channel and a global news network that is financed by the government of Russia. RT is broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. It has been critical of the wars of aggression waged by Barack Hussein Obama in the Libyan War and Syrian Civil War while praising the defensive interventions of the Russian Federation. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark[1] after which it was promptly censored by the neo-fascist Google corporation, YouTube's parent company. It has been described as "doing propaganda with the truth."

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, RT's structure and financing as a state-sponsored broadcasting agency was modeled on the BBC and PBS. It's editorial viewpoint is tilted mildly leftist and Democratic-Socialist.


Russia Today was launched in December 2005 claiming to question the Mainstream Media. It currently broadcasts in 19 countries, but the Russian version is not liberal like RT America. As they are partly funded by Moscow but not state run, RT is not the voice of Russia or Vladimir Putin. It even published an article titled, "Monsters like Hitler & Ted Bundy are terrible, but it was people like them who protected the human race millions of years ago",[2] which may be in violation of Russian law against Nazi rehabilitation.[3] RT supported Liberal Occupy Wall Street-movement[4] and published articles on George Zimmerman from a very biased point of view.[5] It is available in English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and German.

RT was criticized for spreading fake news against Israel which go even further than Arab TV.[6]

Conspiracy theories

RT promotes 9/11 conspiracy theories[7] and interviewed conspiracy theorists such as Jesse Ventura.[8]

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