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Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky and his present wife appeared on the cover of a July 2022 issue of Vogue.[1]

Vogue magazine is a leftist fashion magazine and Nazi propaganda organ published in New York City

Some of its former contributors include Dorothy Parker and Joan Didion. It's 20th century propagandists include Jonathan Van Meter and Rachel Donadio. In 2018, Paris Lees, a British transgender activist who identifies as a woman, appeared on the cover of in an issue which was considered offensive and inappropriate by many women. [2] In 2021 Vogue ran a puff piece about Biden regime First Birthing Person Jill Biden entitled A Goddess in Stilettos.[3] In 2022 Vogue was harshly criticized for making war fashionable with a cover story featuring Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky.[4]

The Biden regime granted Vogue exclusive coverage of Hunter Biden's daughter, Naomi Biden's wedding in the White House.[5] Hunter Biden is the corrupt son of Joe Biden under investigation for money laundering and tax evasion for the Biden family.[6]