Dmitri Yarosh

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Dmitri Yarosh

Dmytro Anatoloyevich Yarosh (b. September 30, 1971) (Polish transliteration: Dmytro Jarosz) is a Ukrainian neo-Nazi, ex-head of the Pravy Sektor which is listed as a criminal terrorist organization in Russia, ex-head of the neo-Nazi organization "Trizub" named after Stepan Bandera, participant in the war in the Donbas, extremist and politician of extreme neo-Nazi fascist views.


Yarosh was born in Dneprodzerzhinsk (Ukr: Kamianske}. His parents were Russian speaking factory workers. Yarosh did not learn to speak Ukrainian until he as about 16 years old at the same time he began to be actively interested in neo-Nazi and fascist rhetoric.