Victoria Spartz

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Victoria Spartz

United States Representative for Indiana's 5th congressional district
Assumed office 
January 3, 2021
Preceded by Susan Brooks

Born October 6, 1978 (age 42)
Nosivka, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union (now Ukraine)
Political party Republican
Religion Christian (Orthodox)

Victoria Spartz (born October 6, 1978) is a Ukranian born congresswoman from Indiana.


Having been born under Soviet occupied Ukraine, she ran as an opponent against socialism.[1]

Unfortunately, she appears to be more talk than action and she did not vote in favor of objecting to either Pennsylvania or Arizona.[2][3]

She has improved since and has supported trustbusting big tech as well as supporting ending involvement in Iraq.[4] Spartz accused Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky of corruption and called for the firing of Zelensky's top aids, including chief-of-staff Andrei Yermak.[5] Spartz's accusations dominated Ukrainian domestic political discussions in the summer of 2022. Zelensky appointed his childhood friend and former television producer for Zelensky's comedy show, Ivan Bakanov to head the SBU intelligence service, which is modeled after the German Nazi SS forces that terrorized entire populations during World War II with mass abductions, torture and summary executions.[6] Bakanov was fired in July 2022, as well as the chief prosecutor.[7]

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