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Piers Morgan

Born March 30, 1965
Surrey, England
Religion Roman Catholicism

Piers Morgan (born 30 March 1965 in Surrey, England) is a liberal Europhile neocon, medical tyrant, fascist sympathizer, neocon useful idiot, strongly anti-gun television personality and former host of CNN's now cancelled show Piers Morgan Tonight. He formerly hosted the ITV news program Good Morning Britain.

Morgan is perhaps best known for his bullying of pro-life activists,[1] and his belief that people who are hesitant about taking experimental vaccines should be segregated in daily life.


Piers Morgan pushes the abortion agenda, as when he viciously went after the pro-life Senate candidate Todd Akin in 2012. Morgan called Akin "a gutless little twerp," when it was Akin rather than Morgan who was courageously defending the innocent, helpless unborn.[1]

In March 2021, Morgan became a victim of "cancel culture" when he was forced out of his hosting gig on Good Morning Britain after he criticized American actress Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, over her accusations of alleged "racism" against the Royal Family during her recent TV interview with Oprah Winfrey; he also accused Markle of being a self-serving social climber who used her position to advance herself at the expense of others, then launched into a diatribe against cancel culture and "wokeness", pointing out how they is being used to destroy the livelihoods of those whose opinions and viewpoints are not liked by politically correct liberals.[2]

Piers Morgan claimed to be nearly 6'2" tall, but many commentators on this issue doubt he's even 6 feet tall.[3] When Morgan did an interview with Ron DeSantis in March 2023, there was more public interest in how he towered over the diminutive DeSantis in a photo rather than the idiotic Q&A between the two globalists.[4]



Piers Morgan opposes Brexit and supported the failed campaign to keep Britain a member of the European Union, a far-left globalist oligarchy, in the 2016 referendum on that subject.[5] In 2022, Morgan falsely claimed that Brexit was making life more difficult in the UK.[5]

CCP pandemic

A COVID tyrant, Piers Morgan supported measures such as strict China-style lockdowns[6] and vaccine passports[7] to combat the Chinese Communist Party pandemic (or COVID-19 pandemic) of the early 2020s. Morgan claimed in February 2021 that he "loves the idea" that those who refuse an experimental COVID vaccine should be barred from mainstream society.[7]


Piers Morgan is a supporter of the immoral abortion agenda. 95% of biologists agree that life begins at conception,[8] meaning that abortion is murder. Morgan made abusive comments towards US pro-life Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin, calling the Senate hopeful a "gutless little twerp" in 2012.[1] Piers feebly branded a 2019 Alabama law designed to protect unborn children from abortion as "medieval" and belittled the lives of children conceived through rape.[9]

International relations

Piers Morgan is a supporter of the NATO War in Ukraine[10] and the Ukrainian fascist regime, praising the country's kleptocratic ruler Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a "magnificent leader".[11] Morgan, however, correctly identified Biden as a cause of the conflict,[12] with over 60% of Americans agreeing that the War in Ukraine would never have happened if Trump had remained in power.