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The Today's New International Version is a liberal, feminist revision of the NIV Bible, which was sharply criticized. The TNIV uses unisex, gender-neutral language unsupported by the original manuscripts, and even appeased feminists by omitting reference to Jesus as the unborn child:

"When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost" (Matt 1:18 KJV)


"His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit"

However, when referring to God, TNIV "retains gender-accurate, masculine terminology for references to God,"[1] much like its NIV counterpart.

In 2002, one hundred Christian leaders, including prominent conservative activists, signed a statement opposing use of the TNIV:[2]

"Because of these and other misgivings, we cannot endorse the TNIV as sufficiently trustworthy to commend to the church. We do not believe it is a translation suitable for use as a normal preaching and teaching text of the church or for a common memorizing, study, and reading Bible of the Christian community."

Zondervan announced in 2009 its intention to discontinue publication of the TNIV and improve the NIV. "And we'll make sure we get it right this time," says Keith Danby, president and chief executive officer of Biblica. Maureen Girkins, president of Zondervan, also declared, "We need to undo the damage."[3] The new translation will replace the bestselling NIV, which will then be pulled off the market.


The translation committee for the TNIV included:

  • Kenneth Barker
  • Richard T. France
  • Donald H. Madvig
  • Gordon Fee
  • Karen H. Jobes
  • Walter Liefeld
  • Douglas J. Moo
  • Martin Selman
  • John H. Stek
  • Larry L. Walker
  • Bruce K. Waltke
  • Herbert M. Wolf
  • Ronald Youngblood

New Committee

The translating committee for the new NIV to be released in 2011 includes:[4]

  • Douglas Moo, Chair (Wheaton)
  • Richard T. France, Vice Chair (UK)
  • Karen H. Jobes, Secretary (Wheaton)
  • Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary)
  • Gordon Fee (British Columbia)
  • David Instone-Brewer (UK)
  • Mark L. Strauss (Bethel Seminary)
  • Paul Swarup (India)
  • Larry L. Walker



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