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The TOS-1A Solntsepek (Sunburn) is a thermobaric fuel air explosive multiple rocket launcher mounted on a T-72 or T-90 tank chassis. Sometimes referred to as the heavy flamethrower, it is the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the Russian arsenal.

Thermobaric explosives, also known as aerosol bombs or fuel air explosives, is a twp-stage munition as summarized by the London Guardian. The first stage charge distributes an aerosol made up of very fine material from a carbon-based fuel to tiny metal particles. The second charge ignites that cloud creating a fireball, a huge shock wave, and a vacuum as it sucks up all surrounding oxygen. The blast wave can last for significantly longer than a conventional explosive and is capable of vaporizing human bodies. Such weapons are used for a variety of purposes and come in a range of sizes, the Guardian writes.