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Takeshi Kitano is a Japanese (comedian/stage presence/film director)

Most well known for the stand up act he helped co-preside during the 1970s, Kitano was a major influence on Eastern culture. Kitano went on to become a prolific film director known for his avante garde/artistic slant on film direction during the late eighties, a surprising turn for the majority of Kitano fans due to his major output being within the stand up comedy and celebrity persona status he had previously clung to. During 1989 Kinji Fu(ridiculous)kusaku became ill during the filming of Violent Cop Kitano was soon asked to supersede his masters demands despite having no prior film-making credits to his name, Mr Kitano (Kitano san) took this role on with due abandon which later lead to his most bodacious of filmmaking careers!

Notable films include Sonatine, Haha-Bi, Zatoichi, Dolls, and Brother.