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Please read the article and the associated talk page before editing as your changes my have already been discussed.

24.4.07-Edited by Kitsune This page gives an overview of abortion procedures.

At the moment, the only reference I have included is the NHS Direct one. I intend to expand the article to include information from gynaecology textbooks as soon as I have the time.

25.4.07- Edited by Kitsune The addition of subsections "methotrexate" and "prostaglandins" should be incorporated into the "medical" abortions section. The "prostaglandin" subsection effectively duplicates the description of late medical termination as described above. I've also cut the methotrexate down to soley a description of methotrexate as a folate anatogonist.

"This lining is the source of nutrition and protection for the developing baby. The tiny boy or girl is starved to death and then a second drug, misoprostol, causes contractions so that the dead baby is expelled from the womb." This text duplicates the description of the mechanism of mifepristone already in the articlee, which is described "Progesterone is produced by the corpus luteum in early pregancy and is responsible for maintaining the supporting uterine lining."

The new section "Dilatation and Curettage" should be included within the existing "Surgical Methods" section, where it is already mentioned. The new "Dilatation and Evacation" is also duplication of the existing surgical section" which descibes the removal of large fetal parts by forceps.

I've tidied up the terminology of the partial birth abortion section. I'm not sure if this should be included in surgical methods or not.

I've also tidied up the terminology of the section labelled "salt poisoning" which I've changed to "saline instillation" which is the correct clinical description.

Does anybody feel it would be more logical to merge the content of this article with the one on Abortion itself? Wisdom89 12:38, 20 August 2007 (EDT)

Long term risks?

Does anyone object to me adding a section for Long Term Risks of breast cancer? I know very little about the issue, but the abortion article has plenty of good information on it, so I would probably just reword that information and insert it with its current references into this article, or have the original editor of that information put his or her contributions in verbatim. Does that sound appropriate for this article? Tzoran Talk 00:03, 31 March 2010 (EDT)

Articles for each procedure?

I've already written a fairly lengthy article about saline abortions for my web site, which could be readily adapted for Conservapedia, but it's a bit too much to just stick in a larger article about abortion methods in general. --CDunigan 20:13, 16 October 2010 (EDT)