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What is a carriage, and why do I have to return it?

This question may perplex today's generation of computer-literate youth, just as the term horseless carriage may mystify some. How can you have a horse-drawn carriage with the horse pulling it?

  • Oh, you mean a car!
    No, an Automobile. It moves by itself, with nothing pulling it.
  • Dude, it's still a car (grin).

Well, it has to do with typewriters.

Er, exactly something like that. Now where was I? When you were typing, and the words reached the end of the line, you had to advance the platen

  • The what?

(Wipes forehead feverishly) . . . The roller that the paper goes around when you make the keys hit the paper.

  • Wait, let me google that. Is that something like a flat bed scanner? I have some old photographs that grandpa wants me to put on our website and ...

(gets a brain flash) You remember dot-matrix printers?

  • You mean when dinosaurs roamed the earth? My social studies teacher has one on a shelf he used to use. But everyone uses laser now.

Will you listen to me?!

  • (stunned silence)