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Hands up all those who hate the word "concerti" out of its baroque context.AlanE 19:50, 24 October 2008 (EDT)

I'll admit that I'm often labeled as a snob for insisting on its use, but "concerti" is the correct plural of "concerto". Maybe in some day, that will go completely by the wayside (after all, we no longer italicize "concerto"), but until then...--Thinker 20:12, 24 October 2008 (EDT)
It's a usage thing; or where one went to school or something. I have over 150 concertos on record. I have just pulled out twenty or thirty at random and not one (not the ones in English anyway), not even Vivaldi, says "concerti" (except, of course Handel's "concerti grossi". I have just typed "concerti" into the Naxos online streaming site (25,400 discs and counting from numerous record labels) and there are only 29 hits, all of them baroque except where the title is in Italian - "concerti da camera" (Alkan) for instance, or the various concerti grossi. "Brandenburg" came up with 81 hits without an "i". I spent twenty years alone in a workshop with only classical radio station for company and they always say "concertos". Then again it was in Australia, and you know what we're like! :-)

It might be different in America. The BBC say concertos I think. At least my English wife was brought up on "concertos".

And if I have put a concerto in italics I apologise. Unless its a name like concerto academico, I don't do it deliberately. I suppose I slip up occasionally whilst wikifying. Smack! Cheers...AlanE 16:07, 25 October 2008 (EDT)