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Misrepresentations of Thiele's scholarship

The page as it exists on January 23, 2018, misrepresents Thiele’s scholarship in a major way. I propose to correct this with various citations and with facts about how Thiele did not “start with the Assyrian data” and derived Biblical dates from that, but just the opposite happened. User:Latent January 23, 2018

Photo of Thiele

Incidentally, I have received permission from the librarian at Andrews University, where Thiele taught, to declare a photo of Thiele that she supplied to me to be in Public Domain. This was made known to “Temlakos” on May 20, 2009, where he responded

Any user having a legitimate file to upload may of course find a sysop to upload it for him, as you have done. Once you have a fairly long track record of good edits, Mr. Schlafly (/the/ Bureaucrat on Conservapedia) will consider granting you the privilege of uploading files directly.

Your inclusion of the memo from Pat Spangler was the most important

thing you could have done. Now I will keep your letter in my file, so that I can refer to it.

Do you still have that letter? If not, I can send another copy. I would like to put In the photo; it is certainly not widely available, and I got authority to treat it as Public Domain from the most authentic possessor. User:Latent January 23, 2018