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King of Ireland

The title 'King of Ireland' was created by the Irish parliament during Henry VIII's rule to replace the title of 'Lord of Ireland' that had been granted by the papacy to the Norman monarch. The Pope responded by granting The Kingdom of Ireland to the King of Spain, but the defeat of the Spanish settled that dispute. In any case by 1625 Ireland was under the control of the English Crown and most of the Irish aristocracy, both Gaels and Normans recognised Charles as King of Ireland.


I think this is rather a sweeping statement to make, and one that needs some discussion. One may of course go along with the general argument that war is futile given the loss of life itself. But we should look at the reasons the war began. For one thing, never again did any King or Queen of England wield anything like the power of the monarchs before the war, and the authority of parliament had been established beyond doubt. Whilst in appearance the restoration of the monarchy may look like a return to the status quo, this is merely a veneer. DWiggins 19:49, 29 October 2009 (EDT)