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A refutation of your points.

  • 1. Over time atheists are becoming more accepted in The USA and someone who is satisfied with their lifestyle is less likely to make a noise. As atheism is becoming more accepted people going to conferences will continue to fall. If for example abortion was outlawed in The USA the March for Life would be no more, at the very least greatly diminished.
  • 2. See above.
  • 3. Egypt is very concerned about the rise of atheism and it's threat to Islamic culture so has acted to surpress it.
  • 4. It is only in poor countries that atheism is falling as misery looks to faith for satisfaction. Atheism has risen in rich European nations and indeed in the more prosperous areas of the USA.

You see 2018 will be a good year for atheism.

Thank you.--AdamAn (talk) 20:01, 9 February 2018 (EST)

AdamAn: You are very, very wrong!

University of Minnesota indicates that American dislike of atheists grew

See also: Views on atheists and Distrust of atheists

A 2016 press release of a University of Minnesota study on atheists reported:

Survey data collected in 2014 shows that, compared to data collected in 2003, Americans have sharpened their negative views of atheists...

The findings of this most recent survey support the argument that atheists are persistent cultural outsiders in the United States because they are perceived to have rejected cultural values and practices understood as essential to private morality, civic virtue, and national identity. Moreover, any refusal to embrace a religious identity of any type is troubling for a large portion of Americans.[1]

The atheist Dan Arel reported:

In 2014, Pew Research found that atheists ranked down at the bottom of the list, only 1 point above Muslims as the least trusted religious demographic in the United States...

Now, according to a new study released by University of Minnesota sociologists shows that today, atheists are the most disliked.

The study compared a previous 2003 study with the new study, originally conducted in 2014, and found that Americans have only sharpened their dislike for atheists and religious nones.[2]

According the American atheist author Kevin Davis, atheism has an "unshakeable stigma".[3]

Most atheists live in East Asia and the explosive rise of Christianity in China is raising living standards (and intelligence scores) and part of the reason is the Protestant work ethic


China has the 5th highest national IQ in the world with a score of 105.[1] China's Zhejiang province is China's Christianity heartland.[4] In 2005, the Chinese Journal of Endemiology (Owned by China ‘s ministry of health) reported that Zhejiang province had the highest IQ of all the provinces in China with an average IQ of 115.8 which was markedly higher than China's average IQ at the time which was a score of 103.4.[4]

In the latter part of the 20th century and throughout the 21st century, China has seen a rapid growth of evangelical Christianity within their nation, increased economic development and a leap in intelligence scores.[5][6] See also: Growth of Christianity in China and Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism and East Asia and global desecularization

In addition, compared to China, Singapore and South Korea (which have higher degrees of religion/religious freedom) have higher national IQ scores of 108 and 106 respectively.[2] In addition, Hong Kong, which has a greater degree of religiosity than China as a whole and greater religious freedom than mainland China, has a regional IQ score of 108.[3] See also: China, state atheism and persecution

Secularization has stalled in Europe and religious fundamentalism is rising

Egypt and atheism

According to Wikipedia, a wiki founded by an atheist and agnostic, "Irreligion in Egypt is relatively uncommon among Egyptians, as Islam and Christianity are the predominants faiths."[4]

Atheists are a squeak in Egyptian society. If you think that Egyptian atheists will largely become martyrs and spread atheism in Egypt like wildfire, you are sadly mistaken. Judging by the dearth of atheist missionaries in Africa, it is safe to say that atheists are not frequently given to bearing hardship to spread atheism. See: Atheism and hedonism

AdamAn, I hope all the above information helps clarifies things for you! 2018 will be a TERRIBLE year for atheists. Conservative (talk) 21:28, 9 February 2018 (EST)

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