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The six verse I just put here are not my own translation, they were taken from the Bible Retranslation Project. You might note that I have made some alterations:

Verse 1: Instead of Ahhashverosh I used Xerxes. This is the way he is usually called in the English speaking world. Since we are already using the English versions of biblical names (i.e Joshua instead of Yehoshua and John instead of Yohanan) I don't see why not to use Xerxes instead of Ahhashverosh. I decided to translate "medina" (מדינה) as state rather than province. The concept of internal administrative entities being called states rather than provinces should not be alien to anyone on this website. Plus the actual meaning of medina in Hebrew - state.
Verse 2: Contrary to what was written on the Bible Retranslation Project, Shushan is mentioned in the original text as the capital. "Bira" (בירה) = capital city.
Verse 3: Replaced "subjects" with "slaves". This is the correct translation of "avadav" (עבדיו), and it's also better than the KJV's "servants".
Verse 5: This part was a little bit too wordy, decided to use more concise and everyday language.

-Markman 03:30, 24 February 2013 (EST)