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I think that this article was better before it was merged withe Holy Eucharist article. The preface really mixes in a lot of non Eucharist reference and practice that are out of place. This is because they are from "non Eucharistic" Churches and theology - though, of course, adhereing to and practicing "Communion", "Lords Supper", the "Lords table", etc. I believe that "Eucharist" is a term only used for the rite of Remembrance within the various Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican communions - perhaps also the Lutheran.Bert Schlossberg 22:14, 29 November 2009 (EST) ......................... Point understood. However, that needs to be incorporated into the article. As I found it, the page was about the sacrament, not about the POV of those who use the particular term, "Eucharist." And it already contained some information about the Protestant view. Most of my edits were aimed at grammar, sentence structure, and correcting spelling errors. Surely that is good to do (?) whoever does the job. -- Wycliffe