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I would suggest creating a section "Economy of Galt's Gulch" explaining how each resident had his own profession. I know it's covered in the founding section, but I think it should be in its own section, as I and others who have not read the book expressed confusion as to how these upperclassmen were able to survive without servants to plow their fields.

By the way, thank you very much, Terry, for creating this series about Atlas Shrugged. I read Anthem a long time ago and hated it, swearing never to subject myself to another Ayn Rand novel again. These articles allow me to explore her work without having to read a few thousand pages. I am now capable of seeing this opposing point of view with relative ease, and I have learned much reading your analyses and summaries (though by "learned," I mean absorbed information- I certainly haven't become an Objecivist!)--CamilleT 20:14, 11 September 2011 (EDT)