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Since this is a page that is categorized under "Medicine," medical terms (e.g. zygotes, embryos) should be used in this article to avoid confusion on certain aspects of IVF. Although each and every "zygote" and "embryo" is a human life and is someone's child, the term "baby" should not be used in place of these terms. Referring to zygotes and embryos as babies might lead some to think that the medical technology exists to incubate fertilized eggs to more advanced stages of development (i.e. full-term babies), which is factually not true. This may be to some degree semantics, just as molten rock is called magma when inside of the Earth and lava when on the surface of the Earth yet is still molten rock no matter what you call it, but it's a necessary medical distinction in this case.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Mike127 (talk)

Next time, go on the talk page first, wait for a reply/lack of reply, then make the edit. Just a suggestion.--CamilleT 00:26, 8 June 2011 (EDT)