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No time to sort it out now

Both the older article at Johann Sebastian Bach and the newer one that was at Bach, johann sebastian, which I intended to merge, seem to have questionable content mixed in with valid content. I don't know enough to fix it all off the top of my head and I don't have time to research it now. I hope others will help with this.

Examples of problems with the newer article: "Prolific both in terms of his musical output and his offspring..." yes... "Bach wrote more than three thousand opus numbers (half of which survive), and had an estimated two dozen children (half of whom survived,"... so far so good... " though all of them deceased by now)." What? "The title of his collection Bach's Great Organ Works is attributed, according to legend, to his wife Anna Magdalena Bach upon the delivery of their umpteenth child." What?

It also says "his music was exclusively religious." The Musical Offering? I don't think so, and I don't think it applies to the Brandenburgs or the Art of Fugue.

The old article talks about a "Mass in C Minor." I think that's wrong. Dpbsmith