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This article is shamefully inaccurate. The source is an ignorant one whose information was gathered through word of mouth. The Kurds are not nomadic, they are established in cities, towns and villages throughout Eastern Turkey, Northern Iraq, Syria, and North-western Iran. The Kurds have indeed had many recognised homelands, and continue to do so in the form of the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq, and the Kordestan region of Iran.

In terms of history and ancestry, the Kurds are the descendants of the Medes (among many other groups who have established themselves in the Kurdistan region), who were the kin of the Persians, and indeed preceded the Persians in the establishment of an empire, the Median Empire, the largest of its time. The Persians Achaemenids inherited the Median Empire under Cyrus, whose grandfather Astyages was the last Median king.

This is all well established, so I don't understand why the editor of this article was so lazy as to refer to such outdated, uninformed sources.