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Shouldn't this be a more international perspective upon the topic? So far I see only American references. --Realitycheck 00:30, 14 March 2007 (EDT)

Changed "less than 150 girls" to "fewer than 150 girls. Pet peeve of mine. Honestly, though, what's the point of distinguishing between the number of female and male students who passed? Can't we just say "Fewer than 1050 students were able to score 120/150 or above."? In fact, I might just give a percentage of the total number of students who attained this score. --Kolbe

If you want to include other international contests, add them. The Mathematics Olympiad is an international mathematics competition for high school students. I'm not familiar with how other countries choose their teams for the Olympiad, though. --Kolbe

Folks, please feel free to improve this as you desire, but without deleting information in the name of political correctness. Females who excel on these tests are very few in number, and that's worth knowing, debating, explaining, improving, etc.--Aschlafly 00:38, 14 March 2007 (EDT)