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Can anyone find a good, non-weaselly, cite for the wikipedia remark? Otherwise I have a strange urge to go to totalitarian state and insert the following line: 'Examples of totalitarian states include, according to its critics, Conservapedia.'

Also, I'd say that Robspierre and the Comite de la Surete Publique were more of a dictatorship/oligarchy.


OK, I added a cite. Many Google links are returned when searching Wikipedia and mobocracy together. I doubt all that many people dispute that Wikipedia is an example of mobocracy.
If you have better examples, then add those too. But note that you didn't like the French Revolution example. And how does a "dictator" (Robspierre) execute himself if it's a "dictatorship"???--Aschlafly 12:32, 4 April 2007 (EDT)
He was deposed by the people. I'll try and find a source, but for now, I'll defer to the boss. Wikinterpreter