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It's nice to archive long talk-pages - but one shouldn't include recent (i.e., less than a week old) discussions . AugustO 08:07, 13 February 2012 (EST)

Brits did not support the underdog in WWII

At another place, the motives for Great Britain declaring war on Germany in 1939 were discussed at length. For me it seems to be silly to try to find a single motive for this action: the men involved all had an agenda, some more, some less open - often very honorable, sometimes more sinister.

But this doesn't matter for the discussion whether or not the British people like or dislike underdogs. For this it is only important how the case of going to war was presented to the people: helping a small nation against a neighboring bully. For this goal, the public supported the war, it wanted the underdog to be supported.

Great Britain took up this task, looked around and found some sympathy but little help. So it isn't a surprise that Great Britain didn't declare war on the Soviet Union when it took its share of Poland just a couple of weeks later.

AugustO 08:07, 13 February 2012 (EST)


Schlafly seems pretty convinced about the reasons why - in his opinion - atheists dislike underdogs. Why then does he call it a mystery? Baobab 09:49, 14 February 2012 (EST)