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Expanding and cleaning up this page

This page is far too short considering how popular a figure Tyson is in the liberal-atheist community (he has often been cited as the successor to noted Atheist Carl Sagan). At present it is also very vague, lacking any citations for what are at best quite controversial viewpoints. I intend to make a small project out of improving this over the next couple of days. So far all I've done is delete the unsourced claim that "Liberals mainly like him because of his skin color" (I'll add it back in later, if I can find a source) and changed the first sentence to specify exactly what his job title is. In the future, I intend to:

1. Add citations (his official CV and bio are my main sources right now for purely biographic info, I will add third-party sources as I move into criticism/opinion sections)

2. Add distinct sections for: His Education, his Work (both scientific and as a media figure), his Politics/Views, and Criticism/Controversy

3. Add a photograph

If anyone has any objections, please voice them here. I think Tyson is a very important figure in modern-day atheism - in the field of astronomy, he's as important as Richard Dawkins is in biology. He's certainly very outspoken and I believe he will only become more visible as a face of atheistic science, so it is crucial that Conservapedia have an in-depth and accurate article on him. Suggestions are welcome. DGalore