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Ancient Egyptian Portal Page Needed

This page could really benefit from a rebuild. I recommend development of either an Ancient Egypt portal page with following features:

  • short introductory section to religion
  • Short introductory section to the state
  • Short introductory section on society/economy
  • A brief historical framework (1 paragraph each max for PD/OK/MK/NK/LP/PT)

The Kinglist should be split off to a separate page, with an additional separate page for covering aspects such as ideology, regalia, symbolism etc.

As it stands, this page is extremely hard to read and doesn't address the issue in sufficient depth, and is very difficult to edit. A clean slate on a portal basis is going to be a better way forward.

--Krysg 09:20, 28 November 2008 (EST)

What were they called before and after the 18th Dynasty?