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There are things in this article that are neither true nor false, but misplaced. When I encountered these things while editing the page they were simply left alone, however if someone else were able to find a way to edit them properly (or add a complete and thorough reference) it would be very helpful for the article.

  • "The person will keep their mind busy by losing themselves in a hobby, working very hard, or spending time absorbed in crossword or jigsaw puzzles." (Under: Symptoms - Avoidance and Numbing)
  • "Feelings of Panic or Fear" & "Depression" (Under: Other Symptoms)
  • "About 1 in 3 people will find that their symptoms just carry on and that they can't come to terms with what has happened; it is as though the process has got stuck." (Under: Why are Traumatic Events so Shocking?)
  • "They are part of normal, everyday life, but can produce anxiety, depression, tiredness, and headaches." (Under: Ordinary "Stress")
  • "Evidence of recovery from a traumatic experience" (Under: Evidence of recovery from a traumatic experience)
  • "They may find it hard to believe that they will live long enough to grow up." (Under: Children and PTSD)

—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hypomixolydian (talk)