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There is some debate about the extent of resistance and collaboration by Native Rockallers DoonTheWater

The UK, Ireland, Iceland, and Denmark, have been bickering for years regarding territorial rights, as Rockall sits on the Rockall Bank, a massive sea bank which geologists believe may contain significant amounts of natural gas and oil. Added to this are the lucrative fishing grounds surrounding the island. All this makes Rockall a highly coveted prize.

As you correctly state, the British originally claimed ownership on Rockall in 1955, and 'annexation' forces invaded as a territorial claim. This prompted a fierce diplomatic fight where the status of Rockall as an island was put into question. John Ridgeway and Tom McLean during the 1980s perched themselves at the very summit of Rockall's highest mountain and remained there for one month in order to protest and validate Rockall's right to be an island. [1]

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