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Times and Sun

I know this website is supposed to be ultra-pro-American and everything, but The Times and The Sun (right-wing populist trash as they are) are never known as "The London Times" and "The London Sun", and there don't seem to be any other notable newspapers by the same names (they are all officially called "The New York Times" or something), so I changed them to simply "The Times" and "The Sun". I hope this doesn't offend anyone, although it's hard to be sure on this site... Oh, I also added a reference to STAR TV, which apparently has 300 million viewers across Asia, so I think it is pretty notable. EmanresU 14:54, 17 July 2007 (EDT)


While the general thought about Murdoch & climate change is good, we can't use the source here, NPR. This was the same source that said (a) Ronaldus Magnus, referring to the Vietnam War as a "noble cause", was a "gaffe" that would cost him the 1980 election; and (b) obtained the stolen FBI materials that caused a permanent slander and damage to Justice Clarence Thomas, and aired the defamations at the bidding of Senate Democrats. So in conclusion, its credibilty appoaches absolute zero, if not actually a negative, damages this article, and statements that may have validity are seriously called into question. We are here to record and report facts, and NPR only causes speculation, rumor, gossip, and disinformation, being the propaganda tool that it is. Rob Smith 14:22, 11 September 2007 (EDT)