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Why make this?

If it is so bad, then why talk about it? I mean i used to watch some of the movies with my cousins, but that was just to get a laugh. Is this worth updateing? Will N.

That is not a very good argument for deletion. We have an article on the holocaust, and last time I checked that was bad. Don't get me wrong; we should definitely delete this article. It's just that our only reason cannot be that it is bad. David R

I do not understand the concern. The article discussed the program accuaratly


This is a very respectfully stated and tasteful article about an extremely distasteful subject. If we leave out articles about the enemies of morality and religion, what use are we? That would be like leaving out an article on Satan because he is the Prince of Evil.

Article needs lots of expansion. It seems to focus on one reviewer's opinion of the South Park movie, to the detriment of the television series, or spin-off phenomena like "South Park Republicans." There's very little about SP's spat with Scientology, or the Muhammad censorship -- both of which were very public and attracted attention at conservative sites like And at one point there is a bolded exclamation that seems to address the author, which is just strange and kind of post-modern.--All Fish Welcome 21:10, 20 April 2007 (EDT)


The article claims that atheists have been condemned along with pedophiles and terrorists. Can anyone give me evidence of this? While atheists are mocked, it is not more than any of the other groups the show goes after. They are definitely not in the same boat as pedophiles or terrorists.--Clintville, 06 August 2009

  • The two-part episode "Go God Go"/"Go God Go XII" argues against claims that atheism will lead to world peace, and (immaturely) ridicules Richard Dawkins. (Creationists are also ridiculed in that same episode.) -danq 08:09, 16 August 2010 (EDT)

Although this is a very funny program and I don't have any issues (as such) with the content, I really did have a problem about how it was marketed, especially merchandising. I remember in the late 90s kids as young as 2 wearing "kenny coats" or repeating some obscenity Cartman uttered. This was never a childrens TV show and should never have been advertised as such.