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Because the ratings in this article are largely a matter of opinion, I will not edit them. The given information does not follow logic however and any professional forecasting source that I know (Cook Political Report, Real Clear Politics, FiveThirtyEight Blog) also does not show any favor towards this. While the list of swing states is not necessarily problematic, the article states that they are "ranked by likelihood that Barack Obama will lose them despite winning them in 2008." While Indiana is then a good first choice that has the agreement of all the above mentioned sources, the above mentioned sources would rank North Carolina as the second most likely for Obama to lose rather than placing it second to last on the list and would place Pennsylvania among the least likely for Obama to lose rather than third most likely. Beyond these two states the positions of each can largely be argued to stay the same, but it is unlikely that any reasonable argument can be created to argue for Pennsylvania and North Carolina to maintain their current positions. -SJC12