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  • Tasmanians have been asked to vote or have been given the opportunity to indicate an opinion on State matters only three times since statehood: in 1916 on the question of hotel closing hours; in 1968 on the question of the issue of a casino licence for Wrest Point Hotel in Hobart; and in 1981 on the question of dam construction and future power options for the State. [1]

Who is going to:

  • (a) Comment on the "small"? It's small by Greenland standards but ginormous compared to most islands. No.13 in the world I think.
  • (b) Say something about poor old Abel Tasman being supplanted by the French?
  • (c) Query Governor B. Newton? (Bert, I assume.)
  • (d) Comment on the phantom 1835 gold rush?
  • (e) Change the year of Federation?

Come on! Kids will be reading this article. At present the only things about Tasmania likely to be in any American’s consciousness are the Port Arthur massacre, and Tassie Devil. AlanE

You could have fixed it yourself! But I've done it now. Thanks for drawing it to our attention. I've also removed the bit about Cook sighting Tasmania; I'm reasonably sure his first landfall was the mainland, then he went north. I've left in a bit about him though; do you know if that's correct? If there's anything else that needs fixing, post it here if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. Philip J. Rayment 04:15, 6 May 2007 (EDT)