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"Tara" Hudson, born male 1988, real names "Kasper" or Raymond Aaron David, is a British transgender activist who passes as a woman. He also uses the names Kia Star or Holly Johansson when working as a soft-porn model. He has no Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) and is therefore legally male.

Prison record

Hudson is an extremely violent male with eight criminal convictions mostly for battery and assault. In 2015, Hudson was put on trial for viciously headbutting a bar manager Christopher Dyer who refused to serve him any more alcohol in a bar in Bath. Hudson knocked the man's front teeth out. The victim needed dental surgery costing £1,500 as a result of the attack. Hudson initially claimed self-defence but pleaded guilty after CCTV footage was made available to the court. He was convicted at Bristol Magistrates’ Court and sentenced to 12 weeks.

An appeal against the sentence, which was heard before Bristol Crown Court in October 2015 was dismissed after the panel ruled Hudson had a “worrying criminal record.” He had committed the offence while on a conditional discharge for another conviction.

Hudson was sent to HMP Horfield, Bristol, a men’s category B prison. Transgender activists stirred up a furore and set up an online petition to have him moved to a women's prison. It was signed by 150,000 people and was backed by local MP Ben Howlett and Lib Dem leader Tim Farron. These politicians totally ignored the danger to female inmates, treated women's rights as non-existent and gave transgenders priority over women. Hudson was interviewed by the BBC. As a result, after seven days Hudson was moved to HMP Eastwood Park, a women’s prison in Gloucestershire.[1]

Says he is a man

In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper in September 2015, Hudson, using the name Holly Johansson, claimed that he had seduced over 1,000 men on chat-lines but said "I am actually a bloke. I love dressing up and showing off my assets without anyone knowing I'm actually a pre-op transsexual." He admitted getting angry reactions from men in real life who discovered he still has a penis. He said that he had started taking female hormones at the age of sixteen buying them online without prescription. He later had a "boob job" and extensive cosmetic surgery. [2]


In 2016, the Daily Telegraph, formerly a conservative paper but now lurching to the left, ran a feature article about Hudson in their "Women" section. It is a piece of pro-transgender polemic, offering unscientific notions of being born in the wrong body. It ignores Hudson's long criminal record, says nothing at all about the assaults and serious injuries he inflicted, and presents him as a victim of a terrible injustice. It claims absurdly that his time in prison was a "harrowing" ordeal even though he was kept under special guard, and it says nothing about the danger to women of placing him in a women's prison.

“The first couple of days I was locked up when all the other prisoners were out, so the guards could make sure I was safe and wasn’t going to be attacked. When the media attention started, the guards were suddenly on high risk. They moved me to another cell, because some people had been shouting things at me. At the time I didn’t see it as harassment or aggression – it was just ‘we love you’, ‘we’re your fan club’, ‘try and come onto our wing’ and so on. But the guards were really cautious about it. I moved cells three times in seven days.” This is precisely the sort of attention that he told the Daily Mirror he intensely enjoys and seeks. [3]

Psychiatric treatment

Hudson's barrister said in court in 2015 that Hudson "had seen mental health professionals after suffering with psychotic symptoms since 2009."

Suing UK government

In January 2018, Hudson announced that he is suing the UK Justice Department for maltreating him by placing him in a men's prison, even though he was at the time legally male. He is claiming financial damages, and is probably financed by one of the many LGBT lobby groups and charities. He complains "I was forced into showing my breasts" yet he has shown them willingly countless times on soft-porn and Playboy TV chat for many years. [4]

Dubious rape claims

On 10 September 2018, Hudson was invite to speak in Victoria Live, a TV discussion show on BBC2 hosted by Victoria Derbyshire. The topic was whether men such as him should be placed in women's prisons, and the discussion was prompted by the recent news that another male>female>transgender, "Karen" White, a convicted rapist, had been placed in a woman's prison where he had committed several sexual assaults on female prisoners.

Hudson was given most of the air time and he used it to shout, swear and make obscene hand gestures. He argued that male prisoners like him were in terrible danger in a man's prison, and to back this up he claimed that while in HMP Bristol he had been "raped three times in seven days". This is very curious as there was no reference to any such rape in any of the extensive newspaper coverage of 2015 or 2016. Why had he not mentioned it before? Why had those campaigning on his behalf never mentioned it? Why had he not brought a claim for prison negligence? And why had he told the newspapers that while in prison he had been kept segregated and under a personal guard? His own barrister did not mention it in court in 2015. "Wragg said his client had been separated from the rest of the prison population and “locked in a cell 23 hours a day”." [5] Hudson never mentioned this rape claim when bringing his case for damages against the Justice Department in January 2018. The Telegraph article does say that he moved cell three times in seven days, but nothing about any sexual assaults. [6][7]

Hudson's claims also conflict with a letter he wrote to his mother from HMP in Bristol. She reads the letter out and displays it in a video uploaded to YouTube. He writes that he is well and safe in prison. It does not mention any rape, harassment or difficulties. [8]


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