Taras Fedorovych

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Taras Fedorovych was a Hetman of the Ukrainian Kozaks. The dates of his birth and death are unknown. In 1629 he campaigned against the Crimean Tatars. In March 1630, he led a Kozak-peasant revolt against the Polish Commonwealth. This revolt was known as the Fedorovych Uprising, and it was brought on by the exploitation of the Ukrainian peasantry and the forced conversions to Catholicism. He scored victories in the battles of Korsun and Pereiaslav and forced the Poles to accept a new treaty at Pereiaslav in 1630. The treaty process was corrupt and the Kozak leadership did not implant the conditions that Fedorovych wanted. He was removed as hetman, but he attempted to lead more revolts in the following years. He fought against the Poles alongside the Russians in the Smolensk War of 1632-34. He tried to engage further Russian support against Poland in 1636, but the Russians turned him down. They did not want to enter new conflicts with Poland.


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