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Tarja Halonen, 2003.

Tarja Kaarina Halonen President of Finland. Born December 24, 1943.


Master of Law from University of Helsinki


Social affairs secretary and general secretary of the National Union of Finnish Students 1969-1970.
Attorney for Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions 1970-74 and 1975-79.
Parliamentary secretary for prime minister of Finland 1974-75.

Chairman of SETA 1980-81[1]

Member of Parliament of Finland 1979-2000.
Chairman of the Parliamentary Grand Committee 1995–95
Chairman of the Parliamentary Law Committee 1991-94
Chairman of the Parliamentary Social Affairs Committee 1984-86

Minister for Foreign Affairs 1995-2000
Minister of Justice 1990-1991
Minister for Nordic Cooperation 1989-1991
Minister at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 1987-1990



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