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Taxpayer-funded describes the use of citizens earnings, by the government, to fund projects, groups, the military, special interests, earmarks- as an operating expense of the federal government. State, local cities, counties, and school districts use taxpayer dollars. Taxpayer-funding in itself is not unlawful but the way it is used and wasted is a cause of great concern. Abortion is funded by taxpayer dollars and embryonic stem cell research will likely be funded by the taxpayer. Taxpayer dollars are spent frivolously, such as the Capitol Hill Visitor Center where the project overruns cost millions of dollars extra and nobody was held accountable. Earmarks are slipped into Congressional bills giving a representative's district money that goes into the pockets of friends as payback for election donations. Without the proper oversight, billions of dollars are wasted every year and deficits rise, weakening the value of the dollar.


The recession of 2008 has shown to be the year of taxpayer-funded concern. As the government bails-out mortgage companies, banks, automakers and eventually states themselves- the taxpayer-funds are being robbed to prop-up bad policies and industries. In a free market economy, bad companies are supposed to go under if performing badly and new companies rise that have better business models. This has been rejected now and socialist principles of government ownership are in effect.

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