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Ted "whispering Ted" Lowe (1919-1996) was the low-pitched 'voice of snooker' in the United Kingdom, commentating on all the Embassy World Championship tournaments in Sheffield up to his unfortunate demise. Lowe had never played snooker in his youth, but during naval srvice in 1946 was billeted in a hotel in Singapore with a large billiards and snooker room. He became forces champion in 1948, and, on return to 'civvy street', took up the cue to eke out a precarious profesional existence, becoming snooker world champion in 1953 and 1957, and billiards UK champion for the remarkable extended period 1953-1961. It was while playing an exhibition game against veteran BBC sports commentator John Snagge in 1960 that the question of his working for the BBC was first raised; he joined the Corporation in 1962 after his professional retirement. In private life he was a retiring man, enjoying his garden, topiary and the craft of amateur leather-working.