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Template: AFV
Use on Article pages
Use for Armored Fighting Vehicles
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name or designation of AFV no Defaults to page name
image Picture of AFV no only the file name is required
caption Image caption no
type Type eg Main Battle Tank no
origin Country of origin no
year Year first entered production no
length Length no
width Width no
height Height no
weight Weight no
crew Crew no If APC, eg 3+12
armor armor type no eg Chobham
maxarmor Max thickness of armor no
primary Primary armament no
wpnrange Range of primary weapon no
secondary Secondary armament no
action Time to action no
ammo Ammunition types no
suspension Suspension type no eg Torsion bar
road Max road speed no
offroad Max off-road speed no
range Max operational range no
engine Engine type no eg 12 cyl. diesel
power Power output no hp or kW
ptw Power/weight ratio no
trans Transmission type no

Sample Data Block

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