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Template: Artist (Music)
Use on Articles about music bands or artists
Use for Info box
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name name of band or artist no Defaults to page name
picture picture no
picture2 second picture no
country Country of origin of the band or artist no
style Music style no
style2 Music style no
style3 Music style no
style4 Music style no
style5 Music style no
year Year of creation of the band no
website Band or artist website no

Full code

{{Artist (Music)
|name           =
|picture        =
|picture2       =
|country        =
|style	        =
|style2	        =
|style3	        =
|style4	        =
|style5	        =
|year   	=
|website	=