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Warning Ad hominem Attack Page/CP Guideline "Civility" Violation
An argument "against the man" or person. This is a device employed to attack not the issues but rather the one you are arguing with, especially on a personal level or basis. It is usually employed by those whose arguments are weak.[1]when people can't find fault with an argument, they sometimes attack the arguer, substituting irrelevant assertions about that person's character for an analysis of the argument itself.[2]

Is that the same as giving examples of what people have done or written? The answer is yes, when done to mock or attack a person or place, for what they believe in, rather than logically state your opposition and resting. "Selective examples", taken out of context, or showing a person or place only as you wish to present it or them is intellectual dishonesty. Sysops in particular do not act on their own, but enforce site rules, which they may or may not agree with. They cannot be personally held responsible for enforcing those rules by any form of logic. More than not allowing Ad hominem attacks, our CP Guidelines are even stricter, as we do not allow bullying, personal mockery or intimidation.[[3]]

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