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Other Information

Template: Element
Use on Element articles
Use for Infobox
Category template applies to page Elements
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name yes
image Image yes
caption Caption yes
symbol Atomic symbol yes
anumber Atomic number yes
class Classification no Classification of the element within its grouping
amass Atomic mass yes aka atomic weight
stableisotopes Stable isotopes no
unstableisotopes Unstable isotopes no
meltingpoint Melting point yes Fahrenheit is an option, within parenthesis
boilingpoint Boiling point yes Fahrenheit is an option, within parenthesis
density Density no g / cm^3
hardness Hardness yes
abundance Abundance yes
oxidation Oxidation yes
date Date of discovery no
discname Name of discoverer no
origname Name origin no
uses Uses no
obtained Obtained from no

Sample Data Block

The following may be copied and pasted at the top of the page being edited

| name= 
| image=
| caption=
| symbol=
| anumber=
| class=
| amass= 
| stableisotopes=
| unstableisotopes=
| meltingpoint=
| boilingpoint= 
| density=
| hardness=
| abundance=
| oxidation=
| date= 
| discname=
| origname=
| uses=
| obtained=