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  • [[{{{1}}}]]

Template: Fa
Use on Featured articles page
Use for List entry
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
1 Article name yes Do not link: is linked automatically
hide Hide the comments no See note A
dates Show dates of featuring no Also hides the comments. See note A
2 Comments no

This template is intended for use only on the Featured articles page. Each suggested article should be entered using this template. Comments for or against featuring the article should be added within this template, each on a separate line and each preceded by a colon and asterisk.

The template has an option to hide the comments. When hidden, however, they can be display by the user clicking on the "show" button (and re-hidden by clicking the "hide" button). This option is enabled by setting either the dates or hide fields.

Once dates for featuring the article have been assigned, the dates field should be added. Alternatively, if the article is rejected for Featured status, the hide field should be added.

Note A: When the dates field or the hide field is set to a non-blank value, the comments are hidden, but may be displayed by clicking the "show" button. The dates field should be set to the dates that the article will be, is, or was featured.


{{fa|Santa Claus|
:* Agree ~~~~

Example after featuring:

{{fa|Santa Claus|dates=1st to 24th December 2008|
:* Agree. ~~~~
:* Disagree: Santa didn't write a good enough article about himself. ~~~~

This example produces the following:

NB: Don't overlook the pipe character (|) after the dates field.