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IUCN Category II (National Park)
Location {{{location}}}
Nearest city {{{nearest_city}}}
Coordinates {{{cords}}}
Area[1] {{{area}}}
Established {{{established}}}
Visitors[2] {{{visitation_num}}} (in {{{visitation_year}}})
Governing body {{{governing_body}}}
Entrance fee {{{visitation_fee}}}
Website {{{website}}}

Template: Ib Protected area
Use on Articles about culturally, environmentally or historically protected areas
Use for Side infobox
Category template applies to page user supplied category parameter
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name no Title of infobox and map marker
width Width of infobox no Default to 300
image Background locator map no just image name
caption Caption no caption for map
base_width Width of map no Default to 288
base_caption Hover caption for map no
x_pos X-axis offset from top left no No marker if not given
y_pos Y-axis offset from top left no No marker if not given
location Geographical location of site no town, state, country etc.
nearest_city Name of nearest town or city no
coords Geographical coordinates no Longitude (first) and latitude
area Area in sq. miles/kms no use <br> to separate multiple values
established Date when founded no
visitation_fee Entry price no
visitation_num Annual visitors no
visitation_year Reference year no
governing_body Management organisation no
website Link to official website no Use external link format with friendly descriptor
category Category to add to page no

Sample Data Block

The following may be copied and pasted at the top of the page being edited

 | name                = 
 | width               = 300
 | image               = 
 | caption             = 
 | base_width          = 288
 | base_caption        = 
 | x_pos               = 
 | y_pos               = 
 | location            = 
 | nearest_city        = 
 | coords              = 
 | area                = 
 | established         = 
 | entrance_fee        = 
 | visitation_num      = 
 | visitation_year     = 
 | governing_body      = 
 | website             =
 | category            =
  1. NPS Listing of Acreage 9/30/2008
  2. NPS Reports -> Ranking Report -> 2007