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Template: Image request
Use on Article pages
Use for Requesting an image
Category template applies to page Articles in need of an image
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
(none) See below See below

This template adds articles to the category shown above.

The template is invisible in the article itself other than providing the category link at the bottom. It should be used where you want the image to be placed, passing "parameters" as shown below.


Although the template ignores any parameters passed, you should include "parameters" for the following:

  • A description of the image you want
  • The parameters for the image.

For example, if you wanted to add a picture of baseball players removing their hats for the Pledge of Allegiance, you would use:

{{Image request|A picture of baseball players removing their hats for the Pledge of Allegiance|thumb|right|Players removing their caps in respect during the [[Pledge of Allegiance]].}}

Once the image has been uploaded, the curly brackets should be replaced with standard ones, and "Image request|the description of the image desired" should be replaced with the name of the image uploaded. If the image request is declined, the template should be removed entirely and a note explaining why should be left on the talk page of the article or tagger as appropriate.