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Copyright Details
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  This image may not be freely used on user pages.
If you think this image is incorrectly licensed you may discuss this on the image's talk page.

  • {{license}}
    • License image is under
  • {{source}}
    • source of the original image
  • {{author}}
    • the creator of the image
  • {{conservapedianotes}}
    • legal notes on what is allowed with the license
  • {{usernotes}}
    • added notes from the tagger
  • {{reasoning}}
    • reason that the license applies to this image, used for things like fair use license
  • {{date}}
    • date the image was created
  • {{location}}
    • location of where the image was created
  • {{usableonuserpage}}
    • some images can not be used in userpages, these are to be marked using this flag