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Template: Mineral
Use on Mineral articles
Use for Infobox
Category template applies to page Minerals
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name no Defaults to page name
image Picture of mineral no Just the name of the image
cdesc Chemical name yes
formula Chemical formula yes
birefringence Birefrigence no
colors Color(s) no Commonly occurring colors
chabit Crystal habit no
csystem Crystal system no One of the seven systems
cleavage Cleavage no
dispersion Dispersion no
fracture Fracture no
hardness Hardness no Moh's scale
luster Luster no
luminescence Luminescence no
nameorigin Name origin no
optics Optics no
pleochroism Pleochroism no
sgravity Specfic gravity no
spectral Spectral no
streak Streak no

Omitted parameters will not show in the table.

Sample Data Block

The following may be copied and pasted at the top of the page being edited

| name= 
| image=
| cdesc=
| formula=
| birefringence=
| colors=
| chabit=
| csystem=
| cleavage=
| dispersion=
| fracture=
| hardness=
| luster=
| luminescence=
| nameorigin=
| optics=
| pleochroism=
| sgravity=
| spectral=
| streak=