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Prime Minister

Template: Prime Minister
Use on Article pages
Use for Country Prime Ministers
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name of PM no defaults to page name
image Picture of PM no Only the file name is required
caption Image caption no
country Country no defaults to United Kingdom
seq Sequential number no
term_start First date of office no
term_end Last date of office no
previous Predecessor no linked
next Successor no linked
seq2 Sequential number no
term_start2 First date of office no
term_end2 Last date of office no
previous2 Predecessor no linked
next2 Successor no linked
seq3 Sequential number no
term_start3 First date of office no
term_end3 Last date of office no
previous3 Predecessor no linked
next3 Successor no linked
birth_date Date of birth no
birth_place Place of birth no linked
death_date Date of death no
death_place Place of death no linked
spouse Spouse no
spouse2 Spouse no second spouse
religion Religion no linked

Sample Data Block

The following may be copied and pasted at the top of the page being edited

{{Prime Minister