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Scientific classification
Population statistics

Template: Taxonomy
Use on Article pages
Use for Scientific Classification
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name of animal or plant no defaults to page name
image Picture of animal or plant no only the file name is required
caption Image caption no
domain Domain no
kingdom Kingdom no
subkingdom Subkingdom no
branch Branch no
superphylum Superphylum no
phylum Phylum no if animal
subphylum Subphylum no if animal
infraphylum Infraphylum no
microphylum Microphylum no
superdivision Superdivision no
division Division no if plant
subdivision Subdivision no if plant
superclass Superclass no
class Class no
subclass Subclass no
infraclass Infra-class no
superorder Superorder no
order Order no
suborder Suborder no
infraorder Infraorder no
superfamily Superfamily no
families Families no Not linked
family Family no
subfamily Subfamily no
supertribe Supertribe no
tribe Tribe no
subtribe Subtribe no
genera Genera no
genus Genus no
subgenus Subgenus no
species Species no
binomialname Binomial name no
syn Synonyms no
sub Subspecies no if one subspecies covered by article
alt Alternative text no eg See article for list of subspecies
regionimg Region's image no
pop Population no
conservation Conservation status text no