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{{{1}}} Terms: [[{{{1}}} Terms A|A]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms B|B]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms C|C]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms D|D]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms E|E]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms F|F]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms G|G]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms H|H]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms I|I]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms J|J]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms K|K]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms L|L]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms M|M]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms N|N]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms O|O]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms P|P]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms Q|Q]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms R|R]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms S|S]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms T|T]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms U|U]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms V|V]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms W|W]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms X|X]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms Y|Y]]-[[{{{1}}} Terms Z|Z]]

Template: Terms index
Use on Term index templates
Use for Base template
Category template applies to page (none)
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
1 Term type yes
expl Explanatory text no Defaults to parameter 1
cat Category no