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The 700 Club is a Christian news/talk television program aired on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The name came from an early telethon held by Conservative preacher Pat Robertson, when the station he owned was in danger of going off the air. He needed $7,000 a month to keep it running; he therefore asked for 700 people to donate $10/month. Those early supporters were called "The 700 Club" and the name stuck.

Currently it is hosted by Robertson, his son Gordon P. Robertson, singer Terry Meeuwsen and Wendi Griffith. It has aired in first-run syndication since April 1966 and on Freeform and its predecessor channels (originating as the CBN Satellite Service) since 1977, and it is also distributed internationally. A Canadian version of the series, The 700 Club Canada, is also produced and airs on Canadian cable network VisionTV.[1]


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