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The Brady Bunch

The nine stars of The Brady Bunch, which aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974.

The Brady Bunch was the last of the classic television family sitcoms, beloved by most Americans but hated by Leftists. It ran on ABC from 1969 to 1974. The show was about a suburban Los Angeles blended family where a formerly-married housewife named Carol Martin (Florence Henderson) with three daughters married architect widower Mike Brady (Robert Reed) who had three sons and a live-in housekeeper Alice (Ann B. Davis). The adults are all deceased now but most of the children reunite for television specials, including one for Christmas 2021 entitled "Blending Christmas."[1]

The plots were conservative without the liberal propaganda that infested rival shows like the offensively stereotypical, media-promoted All in the Family. Nearly every episode of The Brady Bunch had a theme with a conservative lesson about growing up, and the cinematography fully used color along with a pleasant southern California suburban setting. Liberals apparently prevented the show from winning awards commonly given to less creative and influential shows. Ann Davis is ranked 33rd on the list of conservative actresses and entertainers.[2] One of its more famous episodes uncovered deceit by a plaintiff's personal injury lawsuit, and this message was contrary to liberals' political reliance on trial attorneys' donations.

Ranked as the 6th greatest sitcom of the 1970s,[3] it became more popular in syndicated reruns than it had been initially. But the cast never received royalties from the syndicated success after 1979, because of how acting contracts were then written. As a result of its enduring and even increasing popularity, several reunion spinoffs were produced, such as The Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976–77), The Brady Brides (1981), and The Bradys (1990).

Multiple successful movies were also made featuring the Brady family, such as the immensely successful made-for-TV Very Brady Christmas (1988 - featuring most of the original cast), the theatrical Brady Bunch Movie (1995 - produced as a hybrid homage/parody featuring a new cast), the theatrical Very Brady Sequel (1996), and the made-for-TV Brady Bunch Goes to Washington (2002 - made in the style of the 1990s movies). The Brady Bunch Movie had cameo appearances by many of the original stars and was quite profitable, while its sequel was less so.

The show is considered to be the last of the old style classic family sitcoms, as soon after it debuted, the networks started switching away from family based programming to more adult oriented fare aimed at a younger, more urban demographic believed to be more appealing to advertisers (the biggest example of this programming philosophy was the CBS "Rural Purge" of 1971). In spite of this, The Brady Bunch stayed true to its family-oriented style throughout its entire run, with most episodes often featuring stories revolving around family life, dealing with people, and learning life lessons/morals.


Main cast

Actor Role
Robert Reed Mike Brady
Florence Henderson Carol Brady
Ann B. Davis Alice Nelson
Maureen McCormick Marcia Brady
Eve Plumb Jan Brady
Susan Olsen Cindy Brady
Barry Williams Greg Brady
Christopher Knight Peter Brady
Mike Lookinland Bobby Brady

Supporting/recurring cast

Actor Role Notes
Allan Melvin Sam Franklin Alice's boyfriend
Appears in eight episodes spanning all five seasons
Robbie Rist Cousin Oliver Carol's nephew who moved in with the family
Appears in the final six episodes of the series


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